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The InterprofessionalResearch.Global and the Interprofessional.Global have released “Guidance on Global Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice Research: Discussion Paper” in three languages: EnglishPortuguese and Spanish.

This Discussion Paper was developed by number of world-renowned IPECP experts over the last year to stimulate further discussion on global IPECP research. The Discussion Paper offers perspectives to inform discussions around the global research agenda for IPECP by identifying research priorities and providing guidance on theoretical frameworks, research methodologies, and composition of research teams. A proposed lexicon for the interprofessional field is also provided as an appendix. The lexicon serves as a working document towards developing consensus on terminology related to interprofessional education, learning, practice, and care. 

Please choose the language in which you wish to read and/or download the Discussion Paper and its Appendix interprofessional lexicon.  

Hossein Khalili
Co-Founding Lead: InterprofessionalResearch.Global
Johanna Dahlberg

Facilitator Interprofessional.Global


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IPR.Global Has Launched its Best IPECP Research Awards at CAB VII in Indiana!

IPR.Global in collaboration with Interprofessional.Global has just released the ‘IPECP Research Discussion Paper‘ with the ‘Proposed Interprofessional Lexicon‘ as an appendix!